An individual’s physique is essential in determining the choice of art they take and the opponent. Participants with lean bodies have a great advantage at striking sporting activities but can engage in other options too.

Martial arts host a variety of sports that any lean person can join in. these alternatives can help improve general strength, agility, and flexibility.

With the options to build your physique and master the different arts, lean bodies have an advantage while learning the different styles.

Some options that can be taken include Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Taekwondo, boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

It may be hard for lean guys to succeed with grappling and wrestling as they rely on strength and body weight to successfully control and disarm their opponent.

Upper body strength is essential in this case for the grappling martial arts thus may not be the best option for a lean person.

Some of the sports to consider include:


The martial art prioritizes kicking a lot of the time and, thus, relies on fast and powerful strikes. Therefore, a lean person is well equipped to manage the distance and deliver powerful moves easily.

The slender frame comes in handy, especially in controlling the various ranges in the leading leg. You will be able to provide the strikes with great ease.

However, more focus on bringing effective mobility and flexibility is needed; thus, you will develop even better strength in weak areas.

Working on the lower back is essential to give more power to your strikes in the sport.


This old fighting sport is great for tall and lean individuals. The fighter’s ability is mainly focused on cardio with various skills like punching styles and fast footwork.

Thus, focusing on offense and defense techniques will require speed and punching styles. There are also featherweight fighters in various sports, meaning lean guys can be included.

With great cardio, there is better ease for someone with less muscle mass. The games are also divided into small time limits, which may work effectively for a lean person.

Mixed Martial Arts

As a recent sport in the martial arts field, MMA is a growing sport that continues to grow in popularity.

It is a practical option for tall skinny people as they can keep range due to their height and also long limbs.

This is evident from the fighters of the games, which make it easy for the unique poses that help them tackle their opponents.

This spot can be one of the best options, especially due to the self-defense perspectives that will help you have comfortable ground while engaging with your opponent—the stand-ups involve different techniques that lean guys can utilize well.

Muay Thai

It is a popular sport from Thailand and a striking martial art. It involves the hands, elbows, knees, and feet and thus can be easily done by a lean guy.

Just like boxing and taekwondo, you can easily use your height and reach to an advantage over other fighters.

An advantage presented is being boney, which gives an advantage in using your elbows and knees. These give you an advantage as you can easily cut to your opponents.

These sharp features give lean guys an edge in competitive sports as the cuts can be delivered smoothly.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is a martial art that focuses on grappling that takes place on the ground. It focuses on strangling, joint locking, and control and uses similar techniques in wrestling and kickboxing. It is one of the biggest influencers of mixed martial arts.

BJJ has the advantage to lean guys as it can be played with different body types. Long limbs have a great advantage over other body types, which can be used to make an effective triangle choke.

Many angles can be used in strangulation, which is also a guard to controlling opponents with at least one part of your leg.

Longer legs give you a better advantage as it is easier to manage the distance by pushing them away.

Take away

Long and lean bodies can come in handy over various games. Lean physiques are also essential to growing and building confidence through martial arts.

This will help you improve your confidence and boost your mental and emotional strength to tackle the different games.

From a self-defense perspective, the various martial arts discussed can be a good opportunity for lean guys to start and engage in martial arts.

These different games expose you to better flexibility and agility in self-defense techniques.

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