Martial arts is well known for introducing distinctive styles or techniques that rely on striking and grappling.

These are achieved using specific patterns and movements essential for the sport. Combat sport, which can also be linked to martial arts, greatly influences applying fighting styles.

Good health and athleticism play a role in the physique of an individual. We can all agree this is centered on an individual’s fitness, and thus you have to put in the work, whether in the gym or general workouts.

However, bodybuilding is not the same for all individuals. Hence the need for different classes in some combat sports to give fair chances to every participant.

Striking generally involves fighting that takes place on the feet. The striking-focused martial arts will also emphasize kicks, punches, elbows, and knees. However, it will also depend on the rules of the set.

Grappling refers to the fighting which is taken to the ground. It is a hand-to-hand combat skill vital to the dominant opponent holding the opponent by seizing their control.

The two are distinct methods applied and thus will require different physiques.

How do you know you have a grappler physique?

Grappling exchanges heavily rely on speed and strength. The fights can often occur in small spaces and close ranges.

Therefore, grapplers are likely to benefit more from the power which defines their muscular physique.

Judging from the matches such as wrestling or judo, most of the competitors are well-built. This is a great advantage, especially as the fight requires great strength demanding much from your body muscles.

Therefore, the kind of exercise you do and your diet also matter in building a grappling physique. The focus is building mass and working towards strengthening your body.

Arts such as wrestling will need you to be in perfect shape.

How do you know you have a striker physique?

Striking involves a specific or rule-based approach compared to grappling arts. There is less action than grappling, as the art is limited only to what is described.

An example is Tae Kwon Do which is based on kicks only. These are only allowed to the body and head and punches to the body too.

All these are to be done when both opponents are on their feet. Striking depends on many factors, but speed and excellent coordination are the most important.

Whether boxing or karate, the punches or kicks have to land at reasonable times to ensure you win. Therefore, a striking physique will not have a muscular build as opposed to a grappling physique.

However, there is conditional training in some of the arts, like boxing which will require upper strength mainly.

Grappler physique advantages

  • The main benefit is the strength, an attribute of the sports they engage with. Through the grappling exchanges, you can also build on your strength and frame and thus can handle a takedown very well.
  • The relentless pinning techniques can also be witnessed in the process that reveals dominant fighting styles.
  • Functional fitness. Most of the time, the scrambles and scuffles on the ground build incredible endurance in a person. This is also a result of physical assistance attributed to every person’s exercise. This fitness level helps you deal with your partner’s body weight while in the process.

Grappler physique disadvantages

  • A common disadvantage that the physique may have in grappling is muscle endurance. Being oversized and heavyweight can be an advantage in some combat sports. However, some may end up struggling with their cardio endurance, which could lead to other health–related problems. Muscle strength is essential in the sport, but you need a perfect frame to wear your opponents down.
  • High body fat can hinder movements and lead to you getting fatigued quickly. This can significantly affect how you go about your matches and prove challenging over time, especially if you have a large muscular build.

Striker physique advantages

  • Speed. It is an essential factor in any sport, especially in the development and execution of any self-defense move. Usually, this technique can help you improve the coordination of your eyes, hands, and limbs, making you always alert.
  • Flexibility. Having these sports on your feet gives you outstanding balance, even in the execution of the moves. With flexibility, you can move fast and perform different actions significantly. The striker physique also gives you a good frame, and you can participate or engage in activities requiring great endurance.

Striker physique Disadvantages

  • Less muscle mass is a significant disadvantage for strength and muscle power compared to grappler physiques. This is why most strikers often lose to grapplers. Most of the striking art does not involve defensive methods on takedowns which I have not taught in the striking arts.
  • Striking concentrates on a larger space of the field where the match happens. Therefore, there is a significant disadvantage in small enclosed spaces or tackling a grappler within a short range. Often the grapplers have good defensive skills that may be applied in tackling any form of grappling.

Differences between Grappler Vs. Striker Physiques

  • Some of the apparent differences are in strength training. Grapplers are more inclined to build their muscles and thus bigger than strikers.
  • Strikers worry about cardio exercises since they focus their strength on building resilience around bodyweight exercises. The exercises are constant; therefore, they have more lean bodies compared to grapplers, with whom it is hard to see the smaller weight classes.
  • Striking also relies on speed and torque; thus, it may involve much weight lifting compared to grapplers.

Similarities between Grappler Vs. Striker Physiques

  • In both physiques, the game sets have distinct rules that must be followed. This is where the importance of an instructor comes in. an instructor can guide you firmly and work around your weaknesses to help you become even better in the game.
  • Both have to undergo specific training to build around their physique. For grapplers, weight lifting to build on the mass is essential, especially for strength. Strikers have to experience the same to construct cardio resilience.
  • They all have ranking levels and classes in which participants fight according to their strengths. This influences their growth and also learning of basic concepts at each stage. Consistency builds upon this art.

Take away

Grappling and striking are two sides of the same coin. They have distinct features that define their art but are built on the same principles.

The grappler and striker physiques add to their strength over time and are built upon consistent training and maximum improvement every time for better results.

The vital aspect to consider is good training from experts or instructors to ensure you learn the correct way to build your physique and the game of your choice.

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