The mention of Jiren’s name alone is enough to shake worlds. He is the best fighter ever from Universe 11, and he also happens to be the strongest.

It is not just his power that makes him such a formidable opponent, but also his fighting style. His skills include both ranged and close-range combat, making him very difficult to beat.

He has an uncanny ability to learn how his opponent fights, allowing him to know their strengths and limitations.

Jiren relies on brute strength to win the battle and does not shy away from using intimidation to defeat his enemies.

He is very good at keeping a cool head in most situations, which can be disconcerting for the enemy.

Even when he was half-dead from Goku’s impossibly fast blitz, he still retained the ability to taunt his opponents and even land a couple of blows here and there.

Jiren’s fighting style is so versatile that it can be used in almost any situation.

So, What Fighting Styles do the Dragon Ball anime character Jiren Use?

Jiren is a force of nature and one of the best fighters in the Dragon Ball anime series. He can be intimidating, but his trust in his strength is proven to be true because he has overcome all odds.

Jiren’s strength is unmatched, and he has no equal among his comrades. He dominates every battle that he fights in and makes even the strongest of all fighters from Earth look like a child.

Jiren’s style is unique in that it incorporates all styles of fighting into one masterful form.

Jiren’s fighting style involves absorbing all the power from an opponent’s attack and taking it into his own body.

Jiren can also use the energy that he absorbs to increase his own offensive power. Through this process, Jiren can make himself immune to energy attacks and can release much more powerful moves.

Jiren doesn’t just absorb the energy; he absorbs the opponent’s entire body and mind for a specific amount of time.

He can even use this method to overpower his opponents and destroy them completely. Jiren also avoids using raw power in battle to ensure that the fight is kept fair and even.

He chooses to use techniques that take advantage of his opponent’s weaknesses so that he wins in a one-sided fashion.

Jiren also uses brilliant strategy to ensure victory in his battles. He is able to predict how his enemies will react to certain situations and how they will fight.

This allows him to devise a proper response no matter the enemy’s fighting style. Jiren doesn’t just flow with the battle; he orchestrates it so that he comes out the ultimate victor.

He has been shown to analyze an opponent’s weak points and exploit them where necessary.

Martial arts that Jiren use

1. He has world-class boxing skills

Jiren’s fighting style is very effective in the aspects of close-range combat. He uses his speed and incredible strength to strike from all sides at once, striking with lightning-fast punches.

Jiren’s range of attacks allows him to keep an opponent on their toes and is incredibly dangerous as he can knock out an opponent from any side.

Jiren’s punch is so strong that it can shatter planets. He can knock his opponent out with a single hit and also shatter a planet if he takes too much of a hit.

His speed allows him to strike in rapid succession and overwhelm the enemy before they even realize what is happening.

Jiren’s punches are so powerful that they can even be used to destroy the opponent’s entire body.

2. He has powerful Tai Chi skills

Jiren’s fighting style gives him great offensive power. It also allows him to take advantage of his opponent’s mistakes.

Jiren is not just a normal fighter but an expert martial artist. He uses his Tai Chi skills to gain the upper hand in battle, and he can inflict damage on his opponents from different angles and directions.

Even if an opponent is able to gain the upper hand in an attack, Jiren can easily reverse it with some well-developed Tai Chi moves.

Tai Chi gives him incredibly swift reflexes that allow a fast reaction time. When he does not use his superhuman speed in battle, he can still track even the most difficult movements of his opponents.

His speed makes him very dangerous in combat, as he can easily dodge any half-baked attack that comes his way.

3. He has agile Kung Fu skills

Tai Chi and Kungfu are two of the most useful martial arts when it comes to close-range combat. Their movements allow one to land a hit on the enemy without getting hit in return. Jiren is a master of both these martial arts and uses them to his advantage repeatedly.

Jiren’s Tai Chi skills allow him to flow fluidly with his opponent’s attacks, while his Kungfu tactics allow him to flow with the opponent’s energy.

4. He has an amazingly flexible physique which fits him as a bodybuilder and a mixed martial artist

Jiren’s body is very strong and durable. He has an incredibly well-developed build, allowing him to handle physical punishment from the strongest fighters from Earth and still remain unscathed.

Jiren can take a lot of punishment and still stand up to the challenge. He moves like a machine and creates many openings for his superior physical strength to shine through.

Other Jiren’s Signature Strongholds

Power Impact

Jiren’s signature move is a powerful Ki blast charged with his energy, which he then fires at the opponent.

The blast can pierce through multiple targets and take them down with a single hit. Power Impact has been shown to have enough power to destroy multiple planets, even Vegeta’s.

It’s easy to see why Jiren’s signature move is called Power Impact. It truly has the strength and impact to obliterate everything in its path.


Jiren’s other signature move is his meditation. Jiren enters a meditative state in which he pushes all his power into his legs and arms, allowing him to destroy anything with a single attack.

This move allows Jiren to make himself ultra-powerful. He can control how much he absorbs and how long he holds it in his body.

Jiren can also use this power to temporarily increase his physical attributes and achieve Super Saiyan 2 or even Super Saiyan 3 during battle.

Invisible Eye Blast

This technique is quite distinctive from Jiren’s other signature moves because it doesn’t require any kind of charging or control.

It’s a swift and lethal technique that Jiren can even use from a distance. It is almost impossible to detect the blasts, which makes it difficult for the enemy to avoid them.

Invisible Eye Blast not only has the power to kill, but it can also pierce through solid objects like steel and rock. This is why Jiren uses this move as one of his main weapons in battle.

When Goku and Vegeta were fighting against Jiren before the Tournament of Power, Jiren easily took out all others just by looking at them.

He can look at his foe and know how to defeat them without even touching them. Jiren can also use telekinesis to move his opponents around like ragdolls.


Jiren is an incredibly powerful character and one of the strongest warriors in Universe 11. His combat skills are top-notch, and his fighting style helps him to fully use his power without holding back anything.

With this kind of power at his disposal, it’s no wonder he can beat almost anyone who stands in his way.

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