Under a WWE ring, there is typically a large support structure made of steel beams and posts that hold up the ring.

There is also a network of cables and pulleys that are used to lift and lower the ring when necessary.

Additionally, there may be storage areas for props and equipment, as well as rooms for the wrestlers to prepare before their matches.

Are there weapons under the ring?

It is not uncommon for there to be a selection of weapons, such as steel chairs, tables, ladders, and even sledgehammers, stored under the ring in order to be easily accessible to the wrestlers during matches.

These weapons are often used in hardcore or “extreme rules” matches, where the use of weapons is allowed.

The weapons are pre-approved by WWE officials for safety reasons and are specially made for wrestling purposes.

Can a WWE ring be broken in a match?

WWE rings are designed to be durable and withstand the wear and tear of regular use, but they can be broken or damaged during matches. This is especially true in matches where the use of weapons is allowed.

The ring ropes, turnbuckle pads, and mat can also be damaged by wrestlers landing on them in an unintended way.

Additionally, the canvas, which is the surface of the ring, can be broken or torn by wrestlers landing on it with force.

In practice, WWE rings are built to last and are reinforced and checked before and after the events to ensure that they are in good condition.

What about people hiding under the ring?

In WWE, it is not common for there to be people hiding under the ring during matches. However, it has been used as a hilarious or surprise element in some matches or segments, where a wrestler or other performer will hide under the ring and then surprise their opponent by popping out during the match.

These instances are usually pre-planned and rehearsed, and the performers are safe while hiding under the ring.

Performers will typically hide under the ring by crawling into one of the ring’s entry points, such as the steps or a trap door.

These entry points are often located at the corners of the ring, and they lead to a small space underneath the ring where the surprise performer or person can hide.

The space under the ring is typically cramped and not meant for long-term hiding, and it is not uncommon for the performer to have an oxygen tank to help them breathe.

The hiding spot is also usually limited to one person and also the performers are usually trained to stay under the ring for a short time period.

Prohibited items under the ring

Any items that would pose a danger to the performers are strictly prohibited, and, anything that would alter the integrity of the match such as electronic devices that could help a wrestler cheat, is also not allowed under the ring.

Also, fire or pyrotechnic effects are not allowed under the ring as it could pose a safety risk. Performers are also not allowed to bring any kind of personal items or belongings under the ring, as the space is meant for quick access to props and equipment for the match.

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