Vegeta, one of Dragon Ball’s characters, is a popular Akira Toriyama fictional anime creation known for his rough fighting.

His fighting style seems to be a hybrid of several others combined to form a super technique. That makes his fights somewhat disarrayed but well-targeted.

While we all love seeing Vegeta fighting in the Dragon Ball franchise, it’s typical to be curious to know his martial art technique.

We’ve detailed Vegeta’s fighting style in the Dragon Ball anime to help you understand better.

Prince Vegeta does have several strengths and abilities which he incorporates into his fights. His constant training seemingly helps him become one of the fiercest Dragon Ball fighters, and it appears his Saiyan heritage plays a significant part.

He’s superhuman and possesses incredible strength, speed, durability, and senses. He also has energy-based abilities, including spirit control, Ki sense, Ki transfer, flight, and the Godly Ki mastery, among numerous others.

Nevertheless, he uses his fighting skills quite remarkably to give his opponents a run for their money.

Throughout the series, his fighting styles appear to be between Kickboxing and Karate but with a Saiyan influence.

He constantly utilizes hooks and jabs, combining them with two-handed hammer fists and sidekicks.

But while we may settle with kickboxing or Karate as his principal martial art style, which popular moves does he use?

Which Fighting Moves Does Vegeta Use in Dragon Ball?

You have an idea of Vegeta, even if you’re not a hardcore anime fan. His physique is his signature, and the film portrays him as a formidable young monster of a human.

His fighting, however, may not appear so organized, but it manages to get him out of trouble numerous times (except for the battle he loses fighting the Z fighters, of course).

Some of the most noticeable energy-based and physical moves he uses include the following.

Bang Beam

The bang beam is an energy-based move that Vegeta deploys during the Namek Saga. He uses it subtly, appearing more like he is pointing a gun at the opponent by shaping his fingers to resemble one. Nevertheless, he doesn’t do that for no reason, as a deadly red bolt of fire appears.


While we may not vet Vegeta as an adept fighter in the franchise, he often uses the sidekick technique while combining it with other moves. This move appears more or less like Karate’s Yoko Geri Keage kick (Side Snap Kick).

The Amazing Attack

The Amazing Attack is a one-of-a-kind move that Vegeta uses as a part of his Wild Hunt Rush Attack against Captain Ginyu.

Initially, he dodges the punch that the opponent directs at him before lying on the ground. While in that position, he double kicks backflips to stand on his feet before flying up into the air above his foe.

His Double Axe Handle then knocks his opponent down and ultimately damages him.

Crushing in Hands

Vegeta uses the Crushing in Hands technique to subdue Goku in a more transformed form. Nevertheless, he has to transform into a Great Ape to give him the strength and physical prowess to crush his opponent’s bones.

Dirty Fireworks

This technique involves Vegeta punching his opponent in the stomach to kill Saibaman and Ciu. He also uses one of his super moves in the Raging Blast Series to blast his foes away.


We all love choreographed fights, and the Dragon Ball series seems to be feasting it to us. In his Super Saiyan Blue form, Vegeta, a formidable fighter in the franchise, seems not to appear like he’ll back down in a fight.

His technique is more or less like Karate or Kickboxing, combining reverses, jabs, hooks, and sidekicks.

However, he utilizes various physical and energy-based techniques to get him up to the top in each fighting encounter.

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