Age Restrictions in Different Settings

Different settings may have varying age restrictions for UFC events. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Live Events

Age restrictions for live events can vary depending on the venue and local regulations. Some venues may have no age restrictions, while others may require attendees to be at least 18 years old.

It’s essential to check the specific venue’s age policy before purchasing tickets to a live UFC event.

Pay-Per-View and Streaming

Watching UFC events through pay-per-view or streaming platforms is typically not age restricted.

However, the content may be rated TV-MA (Mature Audience) for violence and language, and parental discretion is advised.

Parents should ensure that their children are mature enough to handle the intense and sometimes graphic nature of MMA fights.

Bars and Restaurants

Some bars and restaurants may host UFC events for their patrons. Age restrictions for entry will depend on the establishment’s policy and local laws regarding alcohol consumption.

In most cases, patrons must be at least 21 years old to enter a bar or 18 years old to enter a restaurant that serves alcohol.

Reasons for Age Restrictions

Several reasons contribute to age restrictions for UFC events, including:

Violence and Graphic Content

MMA fights can be quite violent, with fighters sustaining injuries that may be graphic and disturbing to some viewers.

This is particularly true for young children who may not be emotionally prepared to handle such content.

Alcohol Consumption

Many venues that host UFC events, like bars and restaurants, serve alcohol. Local laws and establishment policies dictate age restrictions to prevent underage drinking.

Parental Discretion

Ultimately, parents should determine if their children are mature enough to watch or attend UFC events.

Each child is different, and parents should consider their child’s emotional maturity and sensitivity to violence when making this decision.

Minors Attending UFC Events

While there may be age restrictions in place, minors can still attend UFC events under certain circumstances.

Accompanied by an Adult

In many cases, minors may attend UFC events if they are accompanied by an adult. This allows parents to decide whether their child is ready to experience a live event, while still providing supervision and guidance.

However, it is essential to verify the specific venue’s policy regarding minors and adult accompaniment.

Special Considerations

Some venues may offer special sections or family-friendly viewing areas for those with children. These areas may have additional security measures or restrictions in place to ensure a more comfortable environment for families.

It is always a good idea to contact the venue ahead of time to inquire about any special accommodations for minors.

Age Restrictions in Other Combat Sports

Age restrictions are not unique to UFC events. Other combat sports also implement age restrictions to protect younger viewers from potential harm.


Similar to UFC events, boxing matches may have age restrictions depending on the venue and local laws. Live boxing events can be just as intense and violent as MMA fights, prompting age restrictions to protect younger viewers.


Kickboxing events often have age restrictions in place for similar reasons as UFC and boxing events.

The level of violence and potential graphic content makes it necessary to protect minors from exposure to such events.

Professional Wrestling

While professional wrestling is more focused on entertainment than actual combat, there may still be age restrictions in place. These restrictions are often due to the theatrical violence and adult themes that can be present during wrestling events.


In summary, age restrictions for UFC events can vary depending on the setting and local regulations.

These restrictions are in place to protect minors from exposure to violence, graphic content, and potential underage alcohol consumption.

Parents should exercise discretion when deciding if their child is ready to attend or watch a UFC event and should always check venue policies and local laws before making any decisions.

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