When you think you have explored all the martial arts styles, think again. Muay Thasao is one of Thailand’s most popular martial arts styles, but few people have heard of it.

Originally from Thailand, this art form’s popularity is spreading throughout the world in a fast and furious manner.

If you have already heard about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), then Muay Thasao should not be too hard to understand as it shares many elements with other combat sports.

More about Muay Thasao

Muay Thasao is considered to be one of the oldest forms of Muay Boran, originating in Thailand’s Isan region long before the introduction of gunpowder.

It is practiced in the Northern and Northeastern parts of Thailand. It also has been adopted as a full-contact sport.

People who practice Muay Thasao use their fists, elbows, knees, and feet. It is a martial art known for its explosiveness, speed, and precision that can take years to master.

The best place to see this fighting style is during festivals where they showcase different aspects and forms of Muay Thai in demonstrations.

It is a form of martial arts that is known for its versatility and speed. In fact, many skilled practitioners are known to be so fast that they can strike with such speed that it seems as if their hands are invisible.

Imagine being hit by a fist you didn’t see at all. Muay Thasao is also known for its fluid and graceful movements.

An adept artist can deliver powerful strikes from seemingly impossible angles and lock his opponents using his natural footwork skills.

This style is actually practiced and taught in various schools across Thailand.

Muay Thasao is also famous for its staccato-like movements that resemble a punching machine. In fact, there are even Muay Thasao videos on YouTube where the fighters hit each other with seemingly endless punches and blows.

The fighters appear to be amateurs until they start delivering their blows at such speed that it looks as if they are professionals.

Muay Thasao is known to be a tactical fighting style as it is meant to be a complete martial art that blends together various forms of martial arts. It is used in many situations, such as sparring during training and even in combat.

Muay Thasao is especially useful in close-quarters fighting, so its practitioners are known to be experts in close-quarters combat.

This style’s complexity comes from the fact that Muay Thasao contains striking strikes, grappling, and weapons. For instance, Muay Thasao contains punches, kicks, knees, and arms.

The movements are very natural, fluid, and graceful. The masters of this style are known to utilize their excess strength so that they can deliver blows with a certain force that can stun the opponent.

Sometimes, it is as if there is an invisible force behind the blows or punches being unleashed by the master.

The tattoos found in this martial art are intricately designed to convey different meanings depending on what tradition they were born into.

Differences between regular Muay Thai and Muay Thasao?

The most obvious difference between Muay Thasao and Muay Thai is the weapons training. Unlike regular Muay Thai, this martial art comes complete with a multitude of weapons, including the chakram (a type of round Asian weapon consisting of a handle and a metallic head), sickle, nunchucks, various knives, and even various sticks.

The weapons are used to defend against attacks with the shortest distance. These weapons are also used to defend against projectiles and deflect the other opponent’s weapon.

Another factor that makes Muay Thasao different from regular Muay Thai lies in the conditioning.

Practitioners of Muay Thasao are known to be extremely fit and flexible because they are expected to be able to deliver blows that are quick and continuous. In fact, there is a saying in Thailand that goes, “slow movements, slow hands.”

In Thailand, Muay Thasao is considered a pure form of martial arts. It is known for its simplicity and strength as it has been embraced by many who practice other martial arts forms.

The art form was taught to monks as a way of self-defense, but it spread all over Thailand and was made popular by many practitioners.

Different levels of Muay Thai exist. The novice level is known as the “Yokkao” style, while the intermediate level is known as the “Chatiw.” The advanced level is simply called the “Muay Thasao” style.

Many people often describe Muay Thasao as being a stripped version of Muay Thai. In fact, many of the moves are very similar and have been adopted in other countries.

Muay Thasao is a great form of martial arts that provides practitioners with a healthy way to relieve aggression while exercising.

While there is no exact date as to when the art form was born, it is believed that Muay Thasao was officially introduced around the 1970s.

Muay Thasao is a great cardiovascular workout that even helps improve endurance and overall stamina.

Muay Thasao also works on flexibility because it requires partakers to perform all sorts of movements, throws, sweeps, and kicks that require extreme flexibility.

You can also practice Muay Thasao at home by using your own body weight and then proceed to exercise with others.

The style is simple, and it also provides you with self-defense skills. This can be considered a great exercise as you will work out almost all your muscles. Regardless of whether you are into martial arts or not, practicing Muay Thasao can help you to stay fit.

Muay Thasao techniques

The most common Muay Thasao technique is “banana kicking.” In this technique, a participant uses both hands to strike at the opponent’s body to simulate the act of throwing a banana while delivering kicks.

The practitioner’s hands are placed on both sides of the body and thrust forward as if he is trying to throw his target with a deadly weapon.

The “Choke” technique is another basic Muay Thasao technique that involves delivering blows to the neck of the opponent while applying some sort of chokehold.

Moreover, the “Mae Mais” technique is also a common Muay Thasao technique. In this technique, a practitioner tries to evade the opponent’s blows by using his head and hands.

The practitioner would leap forward when an opponent is about to strike and use this momentum to counterattack in the direction of their opponent. However, as the most advanced Thasao technique, it is attained by the chosen few.

In the end, Muay Thai is a very effective form of self-defense, but it also expresses Thai culture. Muay Thasao is a part of this culture and has been brought to the world stage by masters who have adopted the style for their personal gains.

The art form itself has remained a secret due to its status as one of Thailand’s most guarded arts.

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