In terms of exercise and self-defense, martial arts have always been very popular. It has taken on various shapes over time, each with its own special methods and approaches.

Vale Tudo and mixed martial arts (MMA) are two of the most well-liked martial arts styles that have become incredibly popular all over the world.

Although both have Brazilian roots, how do they differ, and which is superior? Let’s find out

What is Vale Tudo?

Full-contact combat sport known as Vale Tudo originated in Brazil in the early 20th century and translates to “anything goes” in Portuguese.

There were no weight divisions, rounds, or time constraints in this no-holds-barred fighting style. In order to knock out or submit their opponent, the fighters were free to use any method, including grappling and striking.

What are mixed martial arts (MMA)?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai are just a few of the martial arts styles that have influenced the combat sport known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

With the introduction of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which brought fighters from different disciplines to compete in a controlled environment, MMA gained popularity in the United States in the 1990s.


  • The rules that apply in Vale Tudo and MMA differ significantly. In contrast to MMA, Vale Tudo has fewer rules, so competitors are free to use any method of attack to take down their opponents.
  • While in MMA, there are strict guidelines that must be followed when using certain techniques, such as strikes to the groin, back of the head, and spine.
  • Shorts, gloves, and occasionally a mouthguard are the fighters’ uniforms for Vale Tudo.
  • Conversely, MMA competitors dress in shorts, gloves, and shin guards and they wear mouthguards for protection.
  • Vale Tudo does not use a scoring system; instead, the contest is decided by submission, knockout, or referee decision.
  • In MMA, each round is scored by judges using a point system that takes into account the number of strikes and takedowns as well as other elements.


MMA being the precursor of Vale Tudo they share many similarities as wel

  • Both Vale Tudo and MMA are full-contact combat sports that allow striking, grappling, and submissions.
  • Vale Tudo and MMA have similar rules, such as weight classes, rounds, and fouls.
  • Vale Tudo and MMA use similar techniques, including punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes, takedowns, and submissions.
  • The primary goal in both Vale Tudo and MMA is to defeat the opponent by knockout, submission, or decision.
  • Both sports require a similar training regimen that involves a combination of strength training, cardio, and technical practice.

MMA or Vale Tudo: what to choose?

It is difficult to determine which is superior because both MMA and Vale Tudo have distinctive styles and methods.

Although there are more rules and regulations in MMA, which lowers the likelihood of serious injuries, it is regarded as being more professional and safe.

The Future of MMA vs. Vale Tudo

The majority of fighters have switched over to MMA, making Vale Tudo a dying art. Millions of people around the world now follow MMA, which has grown to be a global phenomenon. New tactics and styles are constantly being incorporated.


MMA and Vale Tudo are two popular martial arts that have become incredibly popular all over the world. Both have distinctive styles and techniques, but due to their rules and regulations, MMA is seen as more professional and safe.

Despite the fact that Vale Tudo may have helped to establish MMA, most fighters now consider it to be a dying art. It will be fascinating to watch how mixed martial arts (MMA) develops in the future.


Can athletes who compete in Vale Tudo move on to MMA?

Yes, a significant number of Vale Tudo fighters have made the switch to MMA because the sport provides a more controlled and professional environment.

Can Vale Tudo expect to make a comeback?

It’s unlikely that Vale Tudo will return given that mixed martial arts (MMA) has supplanted it as the more widely practiced and secure style of martial arts.

Vale Tudo, though, paved the way for MMA and will always hold a special place in the history books of martial arts.

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