Judo is one of the most popular martial arts sports in the world. This sport is not only entertaining but is also a great form of physical exercise and learning self-defense tactics.

But perhaps the greatest thing that has made judo very popular all over the world is its belt grading system.

When you join a judo academy, you will be graded and awarded belts based on your performance. So how long does it take to get each belt in judo and how can a student achieve them? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the belt system in judo.

How long does it take to get each belt in judo?

If you are planning to join judo classes, then you must be interested to know how long it will take to get each belt.

Unfortunately, this question does not have a definite answer because it depends on many factors, including the amount of time you commit to this sport, how quickly you master the techniques learned, the judo academy that you have enrolled in, your discipline, and your determination, and much more.

For instance, if you are training for 5 hours a day consistently, then it will take you 4-6 months to get each belt in judo. But generally, most people take between 6-8 months to get each belt in judo. The higher you go in the belt ranks, the more time it takes to get the next belt.

This means that the time it will take you to move from the 5th to 6th belt will be more than the time it will take to earn your first belt.

The belt system in judo

To get a clear picture of how long it takes to get each belt in judo, you need to understand the belt system in judo. Judo has a ranking system where students are ranked based on their understanding of the art and their skill level.

This means that the lowest-ranking students are still new to the sport and have lots of things to learn while the highest-ranking students have mastered everything that pertains to this sport.

Ranking in judo is indicated by various categories of colored belts, with brown belt representing the lowest belt rank and black belt representing the highest level of achievement.

In judo, there are two groups of belt holders, including Kyu and Dan. Kyu grades are for beginners who are learning the art of judo and consist of 6 ranks including brown, blue, green, orange, yellow, and white.

On the other hand, the Dan grades, also known as the black belt grades are for experts and are grouped starting from 1st to 10th-degree black belt.

Belt color in Judo

One of the most fascinating things about the judo belt system is the use of color to determine rank. The main goal of all students who join judo academy is to obtain a black belt but to obtain that belt, there are many other belts along the way that you need to earn.

However, it is important to note that the grading system usually differs between different associations.

A complete guide of how long it takes to get each belt in judo

Junior belts


Time frame

Brown belt (Ikkyu)

1-2 months

Blue belt (Nikyu)

3-5 months

Green belt (Sankyu)

6-12 months

Orange belt (Yonkyu)

15-20 months

Yellow belt (Gokyu)

22-26 months

White belt (Rokyu)

28- 32 months

Senior Belt Year

1st degree (shodan)

3-4 years

2nd degree ( Nidan)

5-6 years

3rd degree ( Sandan)

6-7 years

4th degree (Yodan)

7-8 years

5th degree (Godan)

8-9 years

6th degree (Rokudan)

9-10 years

7th degree (Shichidan)

10-11 years

8th degree (Hachidan)

11-12 years

9th degree ( Kudan)

12-13 year

10th degree ( Judan)

Up to 15 years

Tips to getting a black belt in judo

The ultimate goal of every judo student is to get a black belt. Statistics show that it takes between 3- 6 years to get a black belt in judo. Judo is ranked among the most difficult martial art sports to get the black belt.

So, regardless of how long it takes to get a black belt, know that you have achieved something great. People with a black belt in judo are highly respected regardless of how long it has taken them because it involves a lot of hard work, training, and discipline to get this belt.

But what does it take to get a black belt in judo? In this section, we will share tips on how to get a black belt in judo.

Be consistent in training

If you want to get a black belt in judo then you must be consistent in your training. Most people usually give up along the way when things get tough.

If you want to get the black in judo then you must train for 5 hours a day 5 days a week. This way, you will earn a judo black belt in a period of between 3-6 years.

Join the right academy

This is a very important factor that most people usually overlook. The academy that you join will determine whether you will be successful in getting the black belt or not.

If you enroll in an academy that lacks proper facilities, training staff, and attitude, then it will take longer before you get the black belt.

On the other hand, if you enroll in a judo academy that is fully equipped and has skilled and experienced training staff, chances are that you will get a black belt within a short period.

Be disciplined

Just like any other martial arts, it takes a great amount of discipline to be a black belt holder in judo. You have to be disciplined both when training and when not training.

You also have to be disciplined about what you eat and the way you manage your time.

What techniques must every beginner learn about judo?

All beginners must learn judo etiquette and fall-breaking technique. The fall breaking technique is an important technique that every beginner must master to protect him/herself from injuries.

Final thoughts

If you are interested in learning judo and want to know how long it will take to get each belt, we hope that this article has been informative.

Judo is not difficult to learn but it requires a lot of practice and experience to be good at it. The time taken to move from one belt to another varies depending on various factors, including how quickly you grasp various techniques, your discipline, and much more.

However, if you are consistent with your training, it will take you between 3-6 years to get the black belt.

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