Karate is a form of martial art that has a rich ancient history. The level of expertise in this art is graded in the belt system. The black belt is the highest rank in karate.

Achieving a black belt in karate is highly respectable regardless of the period someone has taken to get it. Those who have a black belt in karate understand that it is an extraordinary honor that deserves a lot of respect.

The time it takes to achieve a black belt depends on several factors. The time you have to train must be put into consideration. For instance, a person who practices every day may take about three and a half years to get a black belt in karate. For individuals that train one to three times a week, getting a black belt may take them five to ten years.

To get to the highest level of achieving a black belt, the student will have to get through several other belts and levels. The levels are as follows:

White belt

The white belt signifies the beginning or birth of an individual’s will to acquire karate skills. You get to wear this belt right at the beginning of your study.

On your first day of training, you are not allowed to hit your opponents. You will have to be trained on techniques first before you get in a combat situation. You earn the white belt fully after three months of training.

Yellow belt

The yellow color of the belt has a meaning. It symbolizes the rays of the sun indicating that you are growing in the new life of karate. It is a belt you get after understanding the fundamental skills of karate.

At this stage, you practice basic kicks, punches, and stances. You first get to learn light sparring at fifty percent contact. You can get a yellow belt in six months of regular training.

Orange belt

You will get this belt if you begin showcasing a better understanding of the basic skills of karate. It means that now you can understand and apply the principles of distance management. You can only get it after you have mastered the ten self-defense moves of karate. You can achieve an orange belt in nine months of regular training.

Green Belt

For you to get to the green belt level, means you have started refining the skills you have learned so far.

You are now able to protect yourself better and, you are also able to execute the techniques you have learned perfectly. You can get a green belt within ten months of regular training.

Blue Belt

Getting the blue belt in karate means that you begin showcasing significant control over the techniques you‘ve learned and your mind.

At this level, you can display considerable authority over your opponent. In the aspect of self-defense, you are now able to show more confidence and control.

You are also a little bit more versatile at countering. You can get a blue belt in karate in twelve months of regular training.

Purple Belt

The purple color signifies the dawn colors. The purple belt is given to a person who has advanced in training and is now transitioning into the advanced stages of karate.

At this stage, you have now advanced your footwork and, now your self-defense is good. You are also aware that the martial arts training you have received is not for boosting your ego but rather for self-defense.

You have total control of your mind and emotions. You can get a purple belt within thirteen to fifteen months of regular training.

Red Belt

The red color signifies the red hot strength of the sun. At this stage, you are learning to be cautious while practicing your martial arts. It means you are becoming dangerous with the skills and knowledge you have achieved.

At this stage, you can teach someone with less knowledge of karate a few techniques. You can get a red belt in eighteen months if you practice regularly.

Brown Belt

When you get a brown belt, you have completed what is called the kyu level. What this means is that you have reached a level of maturity with your martial arts skills and mind.

You can now execute your karate techniques with perfection and have more control over your opponent no matter their level of resistance. Your self-defense is also strong ad you can counter an attack with reduced pressure.

At this level, you sharpen the physical techniques you’ve been practicing for years. You also perfect the weak points like mental strength.

This is the last step before you get the most prestigious belt which is the black belt. To get a brown belt in karate, you will need about twenty months of regular training.

You can get a brown belt in twenty-four months. You can only do that if your training schedule is regular.

Karate Black Belt

A black belt is in the Dan ranks and is considered as the advanced grade. This is another journey one has to take.

If you are a practitioner holding a Dan level, you are referred to as a Yudansha. The back color of the black belt symbolizes darkness.

It means that an individual who has been awarded a black belt can go deeper and seek further understanding of the mental and physical teachings of karate.

The majority of the people who achieve the black belt begin passing their knowledge to other individuals to help them progress their levels.

A black belt holder can defend himself/herself and at the same time show respect, honor, focus, and discipline in their life.

This is a well-rounded person who has mastered the art of self-control. It takes a person who has been practicing regularly for about three and a half years of training to get a black belt in karate.

Going further, the black belt in karate has 10 dans or ranking systems:

  • 1st Dan – Shodan, the first rank in the black belt;
  • 2nd Dan – Nidan, you can achieve this rank after 1 year
  • 3rd Dan – Sandan, takes another 2 years;
  • 4th Dan – Yondan, 3 years after de 3rd dan
  • 5th Dan – Godan, 4 years after the 4th dan
  • 6th Dan – Rokudan, it takes 6 years;
  • 7th Dan – Shichidan, 7 years after the 6th dan
  • 8th Dan – Hachidan, another 7 years after achieving the 7th dan
  • 9th Dan – Kyudan, 8 years it takes to reach the 9th.
  • 10th Dan – Judan, you will need to wait for another 9 years after getting the 9th dan.


Achieving a black belt in karate takes time, discipline, hard work, and a lot of training. The goal of any person practicing karate is to achieve the coveted black belt.

It signifies technical excellence, it is a symbol of high ethical standards and the ability to endure a strict, rigorous training regimen.

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