Karate is an extremely disciplined and strenuous art that takes years to master. Reaching the level of the brown belt is an important accomplishment for any karate practitioner.

In karate, the brown belt (or Ikkyu) is the final kyu level before the highest, the black belt. The brown belt is awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge in the art of karate.

How long does it take to get the brown belt in Karate?

Achieving the brown belt in karate usually takes between 2 and 3 years of dedicated practice.

A karate student must advance through the ranks of white belt, yellow belt, orange belt, and green belt before he or she can earn the desired brown belt.

For a student to advance to the next belt level, they must demonstrate proficiency in a wider range of moves, forms, and sparring sessions.

Getting from a white belt to a brown belt is a long and difficult process that calls for a great deal of discipline, commitment, and stamina.

What tests are needed to achieve the brown belt?

For students to earn this belt, they must demonstrate a high level of skill and knowledge on a variety of tests.

The brown belt tests are difficult and require the student to show that they have mastered a wide variety of techniques and skills.

Schools have different sets of tests for each belt, but we will list here the most common.


A series of choreographed moves meant to represent a simulated battle against an imaginary opponent or opponents.

Successfully passing the brown belt test typically entails demonstrating the ability to execute multiple katas with a high level of accuracy, speed, and power.


As a form of sparring, kumite is meant to replicate the conditions of a real fight. Sparring against an opponent or multiple opponents of varying skill levels is a common component of the brown belt test.


The student may need to show that they can successfully defend themselves from one or more attackers using a variety of techniques in order to pass the brown belt test.


In the art of breaking, boards or other objects are shattered with kicks or strikes. In order to pass the brown belt test, a student may need to break one or more boards using a variety of methods.

The brown belt test is not just about the student’s ability to perform the technical aspects of the test, but also about their familiarity with the history, philosophy, and etiquette of karate.

A student’s overall fitness level may also be assessed through a physical fitness section of the test.


Brown belt in karate is a significant accomplishment, but it takes different amounts of time for different people depending on their dedication, natural ability, and how often they train.

Regular class attendance, independent practice, and participation in local tournaments are all required during this time.

Getting this belt isn’t easy, besides a good mastering of techniques and skills, the student should also cultivate mental fortitude, concentration, and discipline.

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