Greco roman and Judo are two types of martial arts with similarities and differences and can be used interchangeably. Greco roman has its roots in Greece, while Judo originated in Japan.

They have been used over centuries and have developed into different disciplines with unique rules and techniques.

Greco roman wrestling is a style of amateur wrestling that originated in ancient Greece and received popularity in the Roman Empire.

It is among the oldest wrestling forms, which has been part of the modern Olympic Games since Athens’s inaugural games in 1896. In this wrestling type, practitioners can use the upper body parts to attack.

The arms and torso are the primary target areas, implying that leg attacks in other wrestling types are prohibited.

Martial art aims to throw the opponent to the mat and have control. Points are awarded for the various techniques and positions.

Judo martial art originated in Japan in the late 19th century. The art aims to use minimum effort and maximize efficiency.

Judo emphasizes using throws and joint locks to defeat the attacker. The martial art uses ground fighting techniques and focuses mainly on takedowns and throws.

Judo competitions are divided into weight classes, and the primary focus is to throw the opponent onto their back, and points are awarded for the technique and control used.

Differences between Greco-Roman wrestling vs. Judo

  • Greco roman wrestling focuses on the upper body. The wrestlers are advised to use their upper bodies to attack. In Contrast, Judo practitioners can use their entire bodies to throw or takedown the opponent. This implies that judo practitioners use various techniques, including leg sweeps and other lower bodies, to attack.
  • Another difference is on use of protective gear. Greco roman wrestling practitioners wear singlets and headgear to protect themselves from head injuries and other trauma. In comparison, judo practitioners wear judogi, a heavy cotton uniform designed to withstand the rigors of throws and joint locks.

Similarities between Greco roman wrestling vs. Judo

  • Both wrestling types involve physical contact and various techniques to defeat the opponent. Greco roman wrestlers focus on throws and takedowns to score against the opponent. Judo wrestlers use throws, joints, alongside other techniques to pin their opponents.
  • The two martial arts are contested in the Olympic Games. Greco-Roman has been part of the modern Olympic Games since Athens’s inaugural games in 1896. Judo made its debut in 1964 in Tokyo.
  • Both wrestling types place a strong emphasis on respect and sportsmanship. Practitioners of both sports are expected to show high respect to their opponents and follow the rules and rules and traditions of the sport.
  • Both wrestling sports emphasize strong cultural practices. While Greco roman has a deep culture in Greece, Judo places a strong emphasis on the Japanese culture.

What to choose?

The type of sport depends on one’s goals and interests. Each martial art comes with different forms of attacks against the opponent.

If your goal is to win the competition, it is essential to choose Judo over Greco-Roman. Judo practitioners are awarded points for the techniques and control they use to throw and pin opponents on their backs.

Also, Judo emphasizes the use of all bodies in defense; thus, the practitioners have varied techniques to conquer the opponent.

Rules and techniques are important factors when choosing the martial art type. The two martial arts have distinct rules and techniques.

For instance, Judo focuses on the whole body part, while Greco-Roman uses upper bodies. If your interest and strength in the attack are on using whole body parts, then you choose Judo.

Physical demand. Greco-Roman focuses on the upper body, hence, strength and physical fitness is only limited to the upper parts of the body.

While Judo emphasizes using whole body parts, physical fitness is achieved. It is essential to consider your physical fitness and interest before choosing the sport to use. Judo is the choice if you are muscular and physically fit.

Closing thoughts

Greco-Roman and Judo are martial arts that have long and rich histories and unique rules and techniques. Greco-Roman wrestling is a martial art that originated in Greece and put emphasis on the use of upper body parts to throw or takedown the opponent.

Judo, a Japanese sport, emphasizes throws and joint locks to defeat the opponent. Both martial arts emphasize high levels of strength and techniques and emphasize respect and discipline during and after the Olympics.

Even though Greco-Roman is an amateur sport, the practitioner is in a position to form a self-defense mechanism successfully.

The choice of sport type to use depends on personal interests and goals. Regular martial art practice makes the practitioners gain the necessary skills during the Olympics.

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