In Shito Ryu karate, various sets are practiced one after another in a progression, starting with easy for the beginner to difficult for the black belt.

Shito Ryu is a style of karate with a warrior mentality. These traits make it one of the most rewarding styles to practice and learn. As such, it offers an array of practical and exciting options to improve your game.

Shito Ryu is known for its incredible kicking techniques and its focus on fluidity and speed when sparring. It hosts a variety of katas, some of which might be difficult to learn at first.

But Shito Ryu is known to be effective when learning and practicing kata. The sparring aspect of Shito Ryu is different from most other styles due to its emphasis on speed, power, and strength.

It has become a widely used form of training for many martial arts schools due to its dynamic nature and effectiveness.

Shito Ryu karate kata name list

The over 60 katas of Shito Ryu karate are categorized into 2 major lineages; Itosu and Higaonna. Each Shito Ryu lineage has its intricacies and contains different katas.

Shito Ryu karate focuses on having a strong mind and body connection. Many martial artists take their time when learning to do the forms correctly before advancing to the next level.

Itosu Lineage Katas

The Itosu lineage contains over 30 katas, some of which are considered difficult. The Itosu line has a wide range of kata, from very simple to very advanced.

The beginner will start out with relatively easy forms and moves before moving to more advanced forms. They include;

  • Kihon Katas- has 1-12 katas
  • Pinan katas, consists (Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, and Godan)
  • Naifanchin or Naihanchi (Shodan, Nidan, Sandan)
  • Juroku
  • Matsukaze
  • Jutte
  • Jion
  • Jiin
  • Rohai (Matsumura)
  • Rohai (Shodan, Nidan, Sandan)
  • Bassai (Dai, Sho)
  • Bassai (Matsumura)
  • Kosookun (Dai, Sho)
  • Shihokosookun
  • Chintei
  • Chinto
  • Wanshu
  • Kenshu
  • Miyojo
  • Aoyagi
  • Gojushiho
  • Kenpaku

Higaonna Lineage Katas

The Higaonna lineage contains over 25 katas and is a little more difficult than the Itosu lineage. Many of these katas are not as popular as others because they are difficult to learn or are rarely practiced.

The Higaonna Lineage starts out with simple moves and transitions into very advanced forms starting in the 3rd part of the line (San Dan Kata).

The Higaonna Lineage has many vital techniques that are usually not seen in other styles. The student will usually learn the most difficult forms first before learning the easier forms. The katas included in this lineage are;

  • Sanchin
  • Shinsei
  • Shimpa
  • Kensho
  • Shisochin
  • Sochin
  • Happosho
  • Seienchin
  • Saiha
  • Seipai
  • Sanseiru
  • Seisan
  • Kururumpha
  • Unshu
  • Niseishi
  • Nipaipo
  • Suparinpei

Is Shito Ryu an Effective Karate Style to Learn?

Yes, it is relatively effective to learn. It focuses on strength and speed that could be useful in self-defense. It is an effective style of karate because it incorporates the physicality and builds confidence through practice.

It builds power, speed, and stamina, which are essential elements in self-defense and competition. Most styles do not train as hard as this style due to the difficulty of performing its forms.


The Shito Ryu karate kata is a very popular style of karate. It has a strong emphasis on speed and power, as well as balance and agility. The form focuses on developing a strong connection between mind and body, which is a fundamental aspect of self-defense.

After learning the forms, the student will learn sparring techniques, which help to enhance body movement and timing.

Shito Ryu karate can be a difficult style to learn, but it offers an array of benefits that make it all worth it in the end.

As seen above, Shito Ryu is vast, with many katas and variations. As such, the style allows training to be more structured, so students can focus on the main points of the style.

Shito Ryu karate is quite effective because it trains the body to constantly be moving, with fluidity and explosiveness in every move.

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