There are countless disciplines in martial arts and all of them are considered deadly. However, some martial arts are considered deadlier than others and Muay Thai is one of them.

Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing is a combat sport and martial art that uses stand-up striking alongside other clinching techniques. If you are thinking of taking up Muay Thai, then you must be wondering if it is more deadly than other Martial arts.

If that is the case then today you are in the right place because in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about Muay Thai, including whether it is deadly.

So, is Muay Thai Deadly?

YES, Muay Thai is dangerous but only when it is competitive. Like other competitive sports, Muay Thai fights are brutal and bloody in the ring. The flying knees, sharp elbows, hard kicks, strikes, and swinging can harm both competitors especially if they get them off guard.

However, training Muay Thai is not dangerous as is the case when in a competition. The techniques execute during training are usually safe for both competitors. The main aim is not to inflict injury to the opponent but to learn the sport.

Most modern Muay Thai is not competitive and it is mainly done for health and fitness purposes. So, if you are considering taking Muay Thai for non-competitive purposes, then you should not worry that it will harm you, especially if you perform the techniques safely.

If you are in it because you are fighting in the right, then it is important to know the danger of Muay Thai to know if you can handle them or not. Most people who take Muay Thai for competitive purposes usually don’t put a lot in its danger.

So, if you are thinking so much about the dangers of Muay Thai, then you should consider engaging in other martial arts that are less likely to harm you.

But if you are engaged in Muay Thai for non-competitive purposes such as losing weight, getting fit, or for self-defense, then Muay Thai is the right sport for you.

Muay Thai is only deadly if you fight professionally but for casual fighting, the risk is minimal. You may get some bruises here and there when training but the risk of getting a life-threatening injury is minimal. 

In fact, the risk that Muay Thai poses for casual practitioners is lower than other sports like football or soccer.

Most Muay Thai sessions usually begin with a warm-up which involves stretching, push-ups, purposes, skipping, and push-ups.

If you have a decent level of fitness, you are likely to get injured during normal training. Only those who have underlying conditions such as heart problems and those who have poor fitness levels are at risk of being injured.

So, if you are thinking of engaging in Muay Thai, it is important to work on your fitness level first.

Most deadly techniques in Muay Thai

Some Muay Thai techniques are deadlier than others. Below is a list of techniques that can be deadly.

1. Roundhouse kicks

The roundhouse kick is one of the most powerful and divesting kicks in Muay their roundhouse kick is similar to that found in karate and kickboxing. However, how this kick is delivered by Muay Thai fighters makes it very dangerous.

The technique used to deliver roundhouse makes it such a devastating kick. A roundhouse kick involves the fighter aiming to pivot the lead foot.

The fighter generates power by thrusting the open hip and then making powerful contact with the use of the lower chin.

The effectiveness of the strike is increased when the fighter performs a swinging motion. A roughhouse kick is mainly used to attack the head, midsection, and leg of the opponent.

2. Low kicks

Low kicks are usually overlooked but have a devastating effect on the opponent if delivered correctly.

Low kicks are mainly used to destabilize the opponent to force them to open their guard, allowing you to deliver a more devastating blow.

A low kick can also be used tactically to lower the opponent’s moving ability, making it easier to deliver the finishing blow.

3. Strike from the clinch

Another technique that can be deadly to the opponent if caught off guard is the clinch. The clinch is a technique that involves grappling on the feet.

The main aim of this technique is to give you an upper hand over your opponent to allow launch an attack. The most impactful strikes for the clinch include a straight knee, a side knee, and elbows.

4. Horizontal elbows

If you usually watch competitive Muay Thai fights multiple, then you are familiar with horizontal elbow and their devastating effects on the opponent. It is one of the deadliest kicks and could end the fight if it catches the opponent off guard.

The technique involved in delivering horizontal blows is simple. The most important thing required when delivering this blow is good timing and balance.

If the strike is timed to perfection, the impact can be devastating to the opponent. Most professional fighters know the effect of horizontal elbows and usually do their best to ensure that they avoid it.

Common Muay Thai injuries

Common injuries that a Muay Thai fighter is likely to get from a fight or training include:

Swollen ankles/feet.

This injury mostly occurs when the fighter fails to turn the hips properly. As a result, they end up kicking with the foot instead of the shin causing injury on the feet or ankles.

Sprained wrist

This injury occurs when the fighter fails to wrap their hands properly or when they punch the bag with a lot of force. It also occurs when the fighter punches the bag at the wrong angle, causing the wrist to bend in the wrong way. 

Strained /pulled neck muscles

This mostly occurs as a result of clinching. Clinching is crucial in Muay Thai as it helps to strengthen the neck. However, if the opponent puts a lot of force on the neck, it can cause damage.

Bruised chins

This is one of the most common injuries in Muay Thai. It mostly occurs when the chins are not conditioned properly when training or fighting.

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