Ever since the use of Genjutsu became commonplace, those who oppose the Uchiha clan have been quick to point out their weaknesses.

As a result, many ninjas have grown skeptical of this branch of ninjutsu to protect themselves from its nefarious effects.

However, that was before Naruto–a shinobi with an extraordinary chakra supply arrived on the scene and demonstrated that Genjutsu is less powerful than it seems.

Let us uncover more about it and its counter style, Genjitsu.

What does Genjutsu entail?

Genjutsu is a ninjutsu that involves altering the flow of chakra in one’s opponent. This causes their five senses to be disrupted by illusionary effects.

It is said that a true Genjutsu master can even make others see things that are not there, which would appear as a Genjutsu that doesn’t use chakra.

A Genjutsu technique is said to be triggered when the user combines their chakra with sound. By forcefully removing a person’s sense of hearing, the illusionary world of their mind can be warped and changed.

Those who train in Genjutsu have even been known to use this technique on themselves to gain a better understanding of the chakra flow that allows alternate forms of reality to exist.

What does Genjitsu entail?

Ideally, the difference between Genjutsu and Genjitsu (reality) is very subtle, and there are many who have difficulty trying to see through an enemy’s illusions.

Genjitsu is an art that uses the natural flow of chakra in the user’s body as a weapon to attack their enemy.

Genjitsu utilizes raw chakra as a weapon and is not affected by the physical body’s flow of chakra. A Genjitsu technique does not require any other element besides chakra to be used and will thus not be blocked.

While Genjutsu techniques are also able to be used as offensive techniques, Genjitsu techniques are said to use pure chakra and will therefore not be able to be blocked by a Genjutsu ninja.

Differences between Genjutsu vs. Genjitsu

  • Genjutsu techniques work by interfering with the flow of chakra in the user’s target, and this disrupts their five senses, disorienting the opponent and making them unable to defend themselves. The real world (Genjitsu) around them is still visible, but they have no control and could be hit by any attack, even if they were completely focused on their technique.
  • Genjutsu techniques are said to be used by manipulating the chakra flow within the user’s body to perform techniques, whereas Genjitsu techniques focus on chakra flowing in a natural manner and are, therefore, easier to defend against.
  • Genjutsu techniques have been shown to be capable of bringing in a true reality from an alternate reality, but this only happens when given enough power. Genjitsu is not shown to be capable of manipulating the flow of chakra in an opponent’s body.
  • Genjutsu techniques are said to be able to completely take control over a person’s mind, whereas Genjitsu does not impose disorientation when used.

Similarities between Genjutsu vs. Genjitsu

  • Both techniques require the user to channel chakra through a specific technique in order to use them.
  • Both techniques can cause an opponent’s mind to alter their perception of reality in different ways; although Genjutsu is said to be able to make someone see something that isn’t there, Genjitsu does not.
  • Both techniques are said to be only effective against ninjas who have chakra flow like their own or a close connection with their target.

What to choose?

In the end, it all boils down to preference. It is clear that both Genjutsu and Genjitsu have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

While many are not proficient in Genjutsu and therefore tend to turn away from it, those who like using Genjutsu often disregard Genjitsu as an inferior art that requires too much time to master.

But are these assumptions correct? Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide which technique best fits their taste and style of combat.


It is clear that Genjutsu has many uses and can be a very potent tool for any shinobi to have. However, Naruto has shown us that Genjutsu isn’t very effective on him by battling against a Genjutsu-expert like Itachi Uchiha.

Thus, it is not fool-proof art. It is best used in tandem with other techniques to allow the user to manipulate or distort the physical world around them with visual illusions, making it an integral part of everyday shinobi life.

Genjitsu, on the other hand, is where the user’s chakra flows naturally through their body to strike at their target.

The art of Genjitsu allows the user to mold and change the chakra flow within themselves to bring forth different forms of reality to dodge an attack.

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