The era of knights and tournaments has long since sunk into oblivion, the spear and mace have been replaced by weapons that are more effective and ruthless. Modern wars nowadays are wars of science and technology.

They have no place for bayonet attacks and warrior fights. The current law-abiding citizen, not affiliated with the army, prefers to develop skills in wielding a beer bottle wrench or game joystick.

People are losing their ability to defend themselves against attack, now it is not just tough guys, mostly robbers, who act as attackers on the streets, but there are also drunk people, drug addicts, and those who are mentally ill and they can represent a serious threat.

The likelihood of an attack on you may directly depend on your profession, material well-being, and other factors. With a high probability of a physical threat, it makes sense for you to conclude an agreement with a security agency, install a modern alarm system or purchase a self-defense weapon that is allowed.

The importance of martial arts, besides the benefits of additional physical exercises, is that it can improve the strength and speed characteristics of a person, it can give emotional balance, and develops the ability to stand up for oneself. But the main goal of practicing martial arts is the formation of a solid foundation of character, the education of purposefulness, and full responsibility for all their actions.

But, despite modern realities, the number of hand-to-hand fighting individuals and groups of martial arts lovers is constantly growing. 

Let’s try to find out what hidden mechanisms form this situation, why society needs martial arts, and what are their main functions. The human in our time is literally bound by the invisible fetters of morality.

A person lives like a clockwork toy. He gets up at a strictly defined time, and mechanically works day after day, without thinking about the usefulness of his work and compliance with his workplace. During the working day – a stream of negative emotions. 

A visitor to your office behaves insolently and defiantly, and you smile at a profitable client, even though cats scratch their hearts. Habitually you assure your acquaintances: “Everything is okay with me,” but it’s not what it seems.

With detachment and indifference, you wait out the stormy flurry in your boss’s office, knowing full well that you will not work better from moralizing. From time to time you want to spit on everything and leave, but you can’t feed your family without work.

This mismatch between real life and your desires and dreams leads to chronic deepening stress. People use martial arts as a powerful means of psychological relaxation. 

This is much more effective in helping a person than quarrels with neighbors or monotonous hard work. 

In training, there are no bosses and subordinates, position in society does not mean anything, dexterity and skill decide everything. 

At the same time, training is an explosion that destroys all negative emotions. You fight in full force, with a battle cry, and do not worry about the opinions of others.

Undoubtedly, martial arts training is an effective way to achieve harmony in the soul and mental balance. 

At the same time, martial arts, like other sports, have a positive effect on increasing the physical and emotional tone of the body, increasing endurance, reaction, and degree of concentration.

Brainworkers choose martial arts as a way of gaining and maintaining the desired physical shape. But why is the preference given to martial arts, and not to a randomly chosen sport?

The basis for all sports is records and championships. To achieve significant results, children begin to train from 4-5 years old, the focus is not on the formation of a harmonious personality, but on the creation of a trouble-free robot-record holder. 

An athlete’s victory has a positive effect on the coach’s image. But in adulthood, it is not easy to find a sports club and coach to practice.

My passion for martial arts is of great interest. In the course of classes, you not only perform a set of exercises but are busy cutting your personality, revealing your new sides, learn the history, culture, and customs of the country that is the homeland of martial art. 

When performing the ritual of greeting a partner and mentor before classes, a person cultivates a sense of respect for himself, for others, and for his world. 

Martial arts are not an outdated system of exercises, but a facet of the great culture of humanity, which shows how to achieve inner harmony and improve the world, starting with yourself.

The importance of martial arts is also useful for women and children who want to learn how to defend themselves, or as a means of self-defense.

Many people are now taking martial arts as a way to learn how to strike an opponent with accuracy without inflicting any damage that will permanently disable them.

It’s also popular today for teaching kids it is important not to resort to violence in order not to end up in conflict with someone or some animal out of fear.

With this knowledge, they can avoid confrontation and find other means of resolving conflicts.

Experts believe that martial arts are the best way for children who are bullied at school and need some type of help fighting back against classmates when they become victims of teasing or taunts designed by bullies.



The key to learning ways of defending oneself is discipline, dedication, and focus. Many people enroll in martial arts in order to accomplish these traits and they can lead an enriched life as a result.

Martial arts is also considered an art form because students learn how to control their breath, mind, body, and spirit on a whole new level that brings them closer to achieving balance with their inner self.

Students of martial arts are also taught how to heal themselves and others by using different pressure points or focusing on certain areas of the body by placing hands or fingers on the skin.

Experts state learning martial arts is actually quite simple to do when you’re willing to give it your best shot.

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